Career Policies

Sustainable Development and Change:

  • Produce result-oriented service all the time with its dynamic structure and its employees having a proactive approach,
  • Invest in sustainable development,
  • Build the areas of movement to use creativity,
  • Build the infrastructure required by the global principals,
  • Develop training policies to ensure individuals to be trained as a global citizen in the framework of the company’s vision.

Equal Opportunity Understanding, Non-Discriminative Approach:

  • Offer equal opportunities to our newly graduated or experienced candidates with our employees,
  • Not discriminate individuals meeting the requirements of the position according to the evaluation per the eligibility scale based on language, religion, race or gender.

Sincere Communication and Empathy:

  • Approach to the basic requirements of all employees arising from being "human beings" with empathy by understanding needs and expectations of our firm’s personnel.

Team Work and Commitment of Corporate Culture:

  • Build team structures to ensure our personnel to take pride of successes of their team colleagues as much as their own successes.

Result-Oriented Applications with our Specialized Staff:

  • Make developments and evaluations according to the corporate requirement with its professional experience, raise the work results.


  • Keep transparency, clarity in the foreground in our activities.

Management and Performance Evaluation with Targets:

  • Operate the Performance Management System, measuring performances of our employees, in a concrete, measurable, target-based and fair manner and regularly operate the Appreciation & Recognition System being one of its outputs.

Increasing Motivation and Loyalty of our Employees:

  • Ensure a culture being participant, sharing, transparent, giving value to difference and creativity to be formed and made widespread,
  • Consider suggestions and expectations of our employees with our Suggestion System Program,
  • Develop approaches strengthening loyalty all the time.

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